While not required, students are strongly advised to stay in the on-site accommodations. The nearest hotels are approximately 20 minutes away, and due to strict light pollution laws in Tucson (most of the surrounding mountain ranges have observatories), it is very dark at night to drive on unfamiliar mountain roads.

Biosphere 2 contains a complex of casitas (think apartments) for visiting scientists, and each casita has between three and five bedrooms. Many rooms have their own bathroom,  although sometimes two bedrooms share a bathroom. Each room is designed for double occupancy, although a limited number of single rooms are available for an extra fee.

Each casita features a full kitchen and a common living area.  Pictures are below, and additional pictures are on the Biosphere 2 website.  Biosphere 2 has a cafe that is open for lunch each day, and we will arrange a grocery store run for students without cars. Students will be responsible for their own meals.

IMG_0925 IMG_0920 IMG_0935